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FEMMES LIBRES Kick-off Meeting

April, 15-16 • Architecture and Design Department • Benvenuto Hall


FemmesLibres locandina1 - [Font Proprietà materiale Magenta]

Femmes Libres is a cross-border project, funded under the First Notice of the Interreg Italy-France Maritime 2021-2027, which aims to promote access to employment and the creation of economically viable activities for women victims of gender-based violence through the development and pilot testing of a home-work action plan that integrates infrastructure components (starting from cohousing) with a series of preparatory and specialist services to facilitate job search and consequently the achievement of economic independence.

The combination of home and work is essential because, only by guaranteeing women victims of violence adequate housing conditions (emergency and post-emergency), safe and economically sustainable that allow them to rebuild a network of social relations, manage/co-manage parental care, it will then be possible to deal with them a path of work inclusion.