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About us

Strategies and technologies for urban habitats

EcoSystemics is a research group of the Architecture and Design Department, Polytechnic School of Genoa, made up of researchers and professors working in the field of technology for architectural design. EcoSystemics' fields of research are connected to the transfer of sustainable development principles to building design and planning at different scales with an interdisciplinary approach. Among the area of interest: sustainable planning and environmental assessment, design and energy retrofitting, sustainable materials, vegetation in architecture and in urban areas.


Ecosystemics focuses its interests on effects and performances of nature-based solutions in the field of environmental and economic sustainability in (of) urban areas and building/urban design, on the sustainable use of material resources, especially on bio-based materials and advanced building processes and evaluation and design tools to support a sustainable transition at the various scales.


Ecosystemics research group includes researchers, professors, post-doc, PhD students working at the Dipartimento Architettura e Design of the University of Genoa.