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Most recent research projects

Title Team leader & role Funding Duration Amount
ECOLOPES - ECOlogical building enveLOPES: a game-changing design approach for regenerating urban ecosystems Katia Perini - Principal Investigator FET Open – H2020 2021 / 2025 184k
Green Skills for Cities - A cross disciplinary service learning platform integrating design, business, botanics and technology Katia Perini - Principal Investigator Erasmus+ - KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education 2022 / 2024 54k
Sofia – Servizi per un’Ospitalità Fruibile Inclusiva e Accogliente Andrea Giachetta - Principal Investigator Interreg Marittimo Italia-Francia 2020 / 2023 77k


Most recent publications

Title Year Author Venue
Informed Urban Environments: Data-integrated Design for Human- and Ecology-centred Perspectives 2022 Chokhachian A. Hensel M. Perini K. (edited by) Spinger – The Urban Book Series
The Introduction to Informed Urban Environments 2022 Chokhachian A. Hensel M. Perini K. Spinger – The Urban Book Series
Urban Ecosystems and Nature-based Solutions: the role of data in optimizing ecosystem services provision 2022 Perini K. Spinger – The Urban Book Series
Microclimatic and Environmental Improvement in a Mediterranean City through the Regeneration of an Area with Nature-Based Solutions: A Case Study 2022 Perini K. Calise C. Castellari P. Roccotiello E. SUSTAINABILITY, MDPI AG
Il Corso di Laurea in Scienze dell’Architettura dell’Università di Genova 2021 Giachetta A. Sagep Editori

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